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Great hairstyles for the bearded man

Posted on 17 July 2015

The Undercut goes really well with a full beard design that has the same clipping length of the Undercut.

So, if you get a #2 for your sides and back of the Undercut, then use the same length for your beard. If you're going to be doing this, then a good hair clipper such as this cordless clipper will work great to trim your beard without having to buy a beard trimmer itself. 


Undercut with uneven beard length
A slight variation would be the undercut with a shorter length beard. This style is more experimental, so give it a try, and if you feel like you don't suit the look, you can have your barber taper the sides of your beard the same length as your undercut.


Tapered beard
Work your sides and back of the head in a taper haircut or 2 step undercut, then match the side burns to the lower step of the Undercut or taper and then reverse taper the length from the sideburns to the chin. 



Side fringe
Whether side fringe or with front bangs, if you sport the sophisticated look, then a shaggy beard style can add a more masculine touch to your face.


African American mens hair and beard combo
Kinky curly hair is the common hair type of fellow black men and so is their facial hair. A neatly trimmed beard or stubble with medium length hair looks great and goes really well for a more formal look.


Long curls
A short beard with a full design goes well with medium to long curly hair. It's very important with curly hair to make sure that your beard is well groomed though, as curly hair can intensify the careless look.


Messy Hairstyles

If your hair type is straight or wavy, then take advantage of the easy tousling of your locks with some wax to create a sharp but messy style. A matte wax goes very well for styling your mane with a more out of bed look.


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