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Gentlemen's Crew Series - Spencer Pool

Posted on 07 September 2015

This week on the Gentlemen's Crew Series we talk with the dashing and adventurous outdoorsman, Mr. Spencer Pool. Take a peek at Spencer's world via instagram @survivalwithspence


Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Spencer Pool, 28 years young. I was born and raised on Beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada in a town of about 80,000 people. Growing up in British Columbia and especially on the island with its moderate climate we were constantly outside playing and camping with our friends. My dad had a great saying that has clearly stuck with me which goes: “you have two feet and a heartbeat, get outside and play!” Video games and T.V. were almost non-existent in my childhood. 


I played all the sports growing up, but finished with Baseball at a college in California, until I tore a ligament in my shoulder and called it quits. I had been married to the sport for too long and it was time for my freedom anyway. After that, I started a successful welding company and landscaping company at the age of 20. Then 2008 hit and my young biz went with it. Ha!  I then got my personal trainers certificate and moved to the Dominican Republic for 1 year after meeting my crazy cool neighbour from the Dominican.


Since then I’ve taken courses on Permaculture (sustainable farming, food forests, and aquaculture), natural navigation (ancient form of navigation using the sun, moon, stars and nature to guide me in the bush) as well as Bushcraft, Survival and a little Krav Maga training with ‘Survival in Canada’. 


My philosophy on life is that if I’m able to own my own land, I know I can provide myself with the luxuries like water, food, and shelter. My end goal is to have many permaculture and hobby farms around the world and sail to each one on my own sailboat (at least once anyway!).


You live a pretty kick-ass, adventurous life most of us only dream of. Which has been one of the best places you’ve discovered so far, and why?

Well, so far I’ve lived in California, Dominican Republic, and Manhattan for a short time, and I’ve travelled to Morocco, Spain, London and Brazil. The choice comes down to Morocco or Brazil. I must pick one so I’ll pick Brazil, since it suits my lifestyle so well. The country feels young, with a sexy culture, sexy language, beautiful people and gorgeous landscape. Also, hailing from a giant county myself I need to feel like I have plenty of open unexplored spaces and Brazil ticks that box.


What’s the next go-to destination you have on your list?  What do you plan on doing there?

The next go-to country is actually back to the Dominican for fashion week, and then I’ll stay for 6 months or so to do some film projects. 


You’ve travelled to plenty of destinations around the world. Now, if you could only choose one country/city to live in forever, where would that be? Why?

Without a doubt it would be British Columbia. Let me paint a picture of my country for you, I live in the second largest country in the world with a population smaller than the state of California. We hold 20% of the world’s fresh water and have more lakes than the rest of the world combined! I grew up no more than 5 minutes by car from either the ocean, a river, lake or mountain; endless possibilities. 


As an adult I take advantage of this by hiking, camping, ATVing, and surfing on waves that are not crowded as often as I can (yes we have great surf here and I enjoy it year round, rain, snow or sun!). Having said that, as stated above, my life would not be complete without living in as many beautiful countries as I can, and learning their culture and languages while I am there.


So, you’re a tall, successful model with a passion for adventure, and a lover of life. What do you do with all the proposals that flood your mail on a daily basis? 

Haha! Well look, I really don’t like to waste my time and certainly not anyone else's time. I know the type of girl I want in my life is not basic and is very much as adventurous as me, which is harder to find than you might think. I love to stick to myself and spend a lot of time adventuring in the wild with some good friends, or just me and my dog Sadie, so meeting someone during those outdoor activities is few and far between. 


We see that you just recently started sporting a great beard. Do you have any good beard grooming tips to share?

Yes! I sure did, and funny enough that’s probably because I was a very late bloomer (meaning I only recently have been able to grow something worthy of being called a beard). As far as tips go, I’ll dig some out of my bushcraft bag for that. I love to pick yarrow leaves (Achillea millefolium) and make a tea of essential oil to put in my beard daily, not only is It used as a natural hair growth stimulant in both women and men, It has properties in it which help stop bleeding and reduce inflammations for those times when I’m touching up around my beard with my straight razor and I cut myself.


Which of The Barber’s Brew Beard Oils have you tried, and what do you think?  Any favorites?


I love the scent of the oils in the “Spiced Pomelo Classic”!. feels like I’m in the forest, so fresh. I love putting it on right after i wake up to feel my senses all start to become more alert.



Click here for more Spencer Pool via YouTube



Click here for more Spencer Pool via Instagram


 Click here for more Spencer Pool via Instagram


Click here for more Spencer Pool via Instagram


Click here for more Spencer Pool via Instagram


Click here for more Spencer Pool via Instagram


Click here for more Spencer Pool via Instagram

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